Welcome to Becoming a Millionaire

Let’s face it, life with a little extra money is exciting. With a lot of extra money, it could be even more adventurous. By all means, I am not saying, I need money to be happy at all. I was happy before I had money. I’m just as happy with more money.

It’s time and freedom that I’ve always wanted. And that’s what I get by spending time doing only marketing of affiliate programs.

If you’re like me, having a company or a job, takes all the time away. It can be exciting, but I like waking up and deciding if I want to surf, swim, hike, bike, or just hang with my friends watching sports. Or if I want to go out to a fancy restaurant or BBQ at home with high-quality meat. Or if I want to go dancing with my wife in our hometown or in clubs in France.

Having choices and the freedom to make those choices is why I work on Becomingamillionaire.net. I decided I am going to review and share lessons learned, reviewed programs, and just a little wisdom to people who have the same desire as me. I’m stoked to bring you the foundations to an amazing life, the life you deserve.

I am not afraid of hard work, but I want freedom of choices without worrying about money


Lessons Learned

In my opinion, being a master at something is sharing and training others who desire the same goal. Sharing knowledge is a pleasure and passion. I so much enjoy mentoring others who reach new heights than even myself. And create a life they deserve. We all deserve success. You deserve success.

Throughout the website, we specifically create content to help you learn. We provide guidance that provides the knowledge and tools for you to become a millionaire. What you do with it, that’s your decision. It’s in your mind. You get to choose how to move forward.

My Product Reviews

I started searching for affiliate programs that would earn me a great income and I found some great programs, entire communities, and also found horrible, stay far away from, types of products and programs.

My product reviews are based on my honest opinion. I developed a search and rating system that I believe is a nice way to balance the good versus bad through a star rating system. I link to that star rating system within each review.

My Story

I use storytelling when I mentor people. It’s a powerful tool. I have found by using stories people relate to more easily helps individuals overcome difficulties. Becoming wealthy is not a hard thing, it’s always about overcoming the basic building blocks that stop you and others from achieving the goals they set. And of course, it’s knowledge.

Through telling stories of how to and creativity, I can bring more situations that all people relate as well as passing on incredible knowledge and techniques people can use as they build a side income or even more.

The story you tell yourself in your thoughts can mean the difference between freedom and just depressive doubt and want.

The other way to persuade people—and ultimately a much more powerful way—is by uniting an idea with an emotion. The best way to do that is by telling a compelling story.

Bronwyn Fryer – https://hbr.org/2003/06/storytelling-that-moves-people


Why am I sharing?

I personally was frustrated in life by not having security in my financial future to live by my choices. I wanted more.

I give you honest reviews, real advice, and steps to enable you to make different decisions about your financial independence.

I truly hope that you become a millionaire!

All the bests,