Have you tried writing a blog then you find that nobody is reading it? For a minute, forgot about if there is traffic or not. Just imagine you have traffic flowing into your site. Then you look at your google analytics. And people are lasting only a few seconds on your page, then leaving without commenting either.

Writing blog posts can be super exciting and fun. But there are some common mistakes new blog writers make.

Complexity, Words And Too Much Information

Ok, so you’re a writer. And you take pride in your detail. But do consider the reader and audience? Maybe you’re blogging about data science or biology. Ok, be detailed and complex.

But if you’re writing about cooking, clothes, travel, or other subjects. Keep it simple – super simple and to the point.

Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things -Isaac Newton

Bloggers fail to understand readers who want to be engaged, educated, and compelled. They want to get the information they need.

Complexity can be in a few forms:

  • Hard to navigate your post
  • Long, long paragraphs without breaks
  • Rarely used words in any language. Methinks you behoove my ideas. – URGGG? What?
  • Over-explaining to increase the word count, not to help the reader understand the subject
  • Confusing the user on your subject by going down thought processes that become irrelevant to the customer problem 

You Aren’t Speaking To Your Reader, Too Much Self-Indulgence

You honestly don’t care about the reader, but you’re more interested in your self-indulgence. Meaning, you specifically are just talking about how great you are instead of providing quality information, even in story form for your reader.

You don’t understand who is reading your blog. You aren’t speaking to your customer needs. For example, if we only wrote about being broke instead of important steps in becoming a millionaire, you’d ask, why am I reading this article? Write to your audience need. Ask that question, “Why would anyone read my blog?”

You Only Write To Close The Deal, Not Provide Value

Earlier bloggers are very interested in closing a deal – getting the user to buy something immediately. They should be focusing on the considerable value they could provide to their reader. People buy because of their perceived value. For instance, this post is titled “Why would anyone read my blog? (Common Mistakes).” It should not contain a recipe to make a chocolate bar sandwich.


You Don’t Care

Don’t be offended, but if you don’t care about your readers and you’re copying and pasting other people’s blog posts then scrambling the words, maybe this isn’t a good profession for you. Or you’re lying, making up facts and figures. There are plenty of bloggers writing with a single purpose, to make up stories to convience you buy something. If you are genuinely interested in becoming a millionaire online, you have to write for a purpose — writing quality, honestly, and passionate.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. -Maya Angelou

Readers know. We want you to become a millionaire, not just a part-time money maker. Have passion; your readers will flock to you.

You Aren’t Reviewing Your Posts

Some people are natural writers. Great posts are written by people who edit, re-read, and make changes. Be thoughtful before you hit enter and publish your post. A tip we do after reading and editing the post. We wait a day or two, then re-read the published post. Just giving it a day or two provides you with a fresh look. The best way is to subscribe to Grammarly. It’s not expensive, but it’s probably the best grammar program online. It works with any WordPress editor, Gmail, and other writing programs. Honestly, if you don’t do anything else, just buy Grammarly.


Not constantly writing

You posted twice this year. If you are blogging to make money, you need to be continually providing value to your readers. Otherwise, they won’t follow you. They won’t take you seriously. 

Blogs need to be updated continuously, added too, and expanded.

Why would anyone read my blog? Because you wrote one and were consistent in keeping it updated and fresh.


Remember the Millionaire Mindset article; momentum is your key to success. Even though these are common mistakes, it should be in parallel to generating content. To summarize:

  • Complexity, words and too much information
  • You aren’t speaking to your reader, too much self-indulgence
  • You only write to close the deal, not provide value
  • You don’t care
  • You aren’t reviewing your post
  • Not constantly writing

My favoriate community for building blogs, getting feedback, and working with others who have a common goal is Wealthy Affiliate. We see people who constantly blogging and generating great incomes, not just a few thousand a month either.

We’d love to hear some other mistakes as well. Comment below with your ideas. And ask questions if you need help.