Review: Wealthy Affiliate


Price: $0 for beginners and $49 monthly for premium

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall Rank (Ranking Definition):  5.0 out of 5.0     

Wealthy Affiliate

Product Overview

Wealthy Affiliate provides end-to-end services for helping and enabling entrepreneurs to create affiliate websites, e-commerce sites, and any other type of online business that you’re heart desires. It’s great if you’re a blogger and desire to drive real traffic to your site. Plus it features a hosting option that deals with all the headaches that most online web creators go through when building their websites like SSL (security), privacy, optimization, easy setup, and testing out domains that can transfer to a real domain. It may not be the perfect hosting, but we can tell you if you’re starting out, it’s far simpler than trying others. Once you have your site built and receiving traffic, you can always transfer to another hosting company. But wasting time dealing with SSL when you can just hit the switch and get content creating.

The idea was born from the founders, Kyle and Carson. They started like many other affiliate marketers – building websites, writing comments, attracting links, and selling other peoples products. After a while, a community started, and their platform Wealthy Affiliate began. You can find the rest of their story on their site, but overall, very legitimate. I use their platform, I have never been disappointed.

You start off with a massive and very active community. The community is incredibly supportive. I don’t even know if I’ve seen a more active and supportive community. And it’s not just the newcomers that are active. Kyle and Carson are both active as well. Building out websites can be lonely and quiet, it’s nice to interact with others that have the same business focus.

The training programs are comprehensive and start you off without making you feel dumb. They keep the training up to date. Instead of having outdated training programs that don’t match the community site. We’ve used programs in the past, but never something as comprehensive as their online business program. The key points we love, it gets you moving right away instead of spending way too much time building out a website. They get you setting goals, getting help, and teaching you to take the long view.

As far as their Affiliate program goes, it’s well established. One of their instruction course is explicitly building out your site for their affiliate program.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Easy to follow programs
  • A supportive community, very positive and sharing
  • Tips for SEO, Website building, testing out websites
  • Keyword research platform built right into their program
  • Complete website platform built right into their premium program
  • Site content creation, with usages of images and templates
  • Recurring revenue for their affiliate program payouts

The Bad:

  • More features and content than you could use, you have to prioritize
  • No free ideas, you have to still come up with a niche and focus area
  • To get comments, you need to do two for every one you get

Target Customer for Wealthy Affiliate?

So who’s the target audience that would benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

  • People that want part-time work, but don’t want a job
  • People tired of working for someone else and needs their online business
  • Business owners new to online business
  • People who want to earn extra money
  • Please who need help, a community, and other important help
  • People new to online marketing
  • People who want to early a few hundred dollars extra each month to those who want to become a millionaire
  • People that have tried affiliate marketing and failed too often

Wealthy Affiliate Tools & Training

If you’re an affiliate marketer like myself, you always look at the support system, contests, and payouts.

  • Online, up to date, tutorials specifically designed for their affiliate program
  • Massive, and very active community
  • Affiliate links
  • Credit systems in case you want to spend
  • An annual contest to win a free trip to Las Vegas to spend time with Kyle and Carson
  • All the different links and banner links you need

Wealthy Affiliate Support

We’ve done several affiliate programs, Wealthy Affiliates has some of the best support offered. There are others that are great, or just as good. Some of the reasons we like their support, we can post a comment on about any training, goal setting, or private message then get a response very quickly, most often shorter than a day response. Most importantly, the support isn’t just from the company, it’s also from the community.

As far as an affiliate program support, one of their key features is to track the people you bring into the program. That allows you to help your affiliate people directly. It’s bad just thinking, well we can sign you up, now you can keep them going and support them if you want. We do like that support.

Wealthy Affiliate Price

There are two levels of affiliate pricing, the first is a free sign up. After a brief time period, you can keep going at a small price, but it’s the premium is the real deal. Premium unlocks additional lessons and the web hosting is great.

My Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliates is the real-deal program, a great community, and if you’re interested in marketing a product, the payouts are strong with a good recurring revenue stream.

Wealthy Affiliate at a Glance


Price: $0 for beginners and $49 monthly for premium

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall Rank (Ranking Definition):  5.0 out of 5.0     


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