Have you ever thought that your blog for your real estate agency or you as an agent could be losing money because your blog doesn’t retain customers? As a professional blogger, I read plenty of business blogs, and I’ve purchased a few homes over the years.

Here is my opinion, most agent blogs are boring.

I’m saying it and if you’re an agent, here are a few things that you could be missing. And honestly, you as an agent have a tremendous opportunity to make additional money that you’re not taking advantage of because you’re only thinking home sales.

Why Are You Blogging? And Do You Need Blog Ideas For Your Real Estate Website?

Home Buying and Blogging

Let’s start with the essential question. Why do you have a blog in the first place?

Customers want to trust the companies and the people they spend their hard-earn money.

As an Agent, there is a tremendous opportunity to build another avenue of trust before the customer meets you in person – that being the most critical element in a face to face business world of home sales.

The conventional ideas for agents to blog are customer success stories. Too many blogs are not unique. They try to replicate every other blog post. I’m sure you’ve read the happy customer blog post where you read about how a family purchases their new home are super excited.

But have you ever read how an agent helps a family through the terrible home buyer wanting everything that came out of an inspection? Now that’s a post I would read. Another example of blog ideas is to blog about moving, joining the community, local events, and essentials knowledge needed in a new city.

Let’s get into some great ideas for you so that you can do the traditional post as well as gain some potential revenue. With blogging, there many ways to have to cross-sell opportunities.

What Do You Need To Let Your Customers and Potential Customers Know?

As an Agent, it is important to write about customer success, but do it through the lens of the home buyer or seller. Those people want to trust you, and with trust comes a few critical topics to put within your blog posts.

  • Be Honest and Open – Potential customers aren’t looking for perfection, but focus on your ability to get the job done. That includes the good time and bad times.
  • Be Personal – Stop being formulaic, be real. Talk about your family, activities, hobbies, or something that aligns with your target audience. We discuss that more later in the article, but remember to personalize yourself as a connection with the type of customer you decide to target.

In the process of buying, home buyers or sellers are generally new to the entire event. Even if, like myself, the person has purchased and sold homes plenty of times, with and without agents. It’s still not something people do every day. That is way Agents are paid a percentage of the sale of the home – expertise. Let’s explore topics some blog topics for real estate process.

  • Paperwork – Discuss how you help people through the paperwork and what to expect. What a great post to help people read through why and what paper work comes with home selling or buying.
  • Inspections – Have you ever considered specifically writing about the types of inspections people are going to have to go through and why. People are moving away or moving into areas that may have different inspections. If you live in North Dakota and moving to California – maybe it would be news to learn you need a termite inspection and its very standard home sellers tent their homes.
  • Contingent Offers, Back ups, and Other Things – Why not be honest about all the different types of offers you could imagine happening if you’re a home seller or a buyer. Be real and reliable as the real estate process is stressful. You should write about it.
  • Importance of Staging Your Home – Do people understand why staging is important, heck no. Another great post, write about the differences in offer value of staged versus non-staged homes. Instead of just writing that you need to do it may be you should write about the financial importance of staging your home. Do you have examples of getting selling homes faster or getting higher value if the home was staged? Great post!
  • Keeping it Clean, and the Pain of Selling – Personally, this is a huge post to write. And be honest, it’s difficult to keep the house clean on a moments notice, especially if a home seller has young kids. I’ve gone through that, it’s painful. Why not write about how painful it would be to sell, but why it’s important?

The entire process of home sales for a person is exciting and stressful, especially during the moving process.

Moving and Packing

Here’s a huge opportunity for you as an Agent. Write about how to help with moving and packing. For example, if you have customers new to moving, your readers may love to read on how to pack dishes or dealing with moving companies. Or write about the different insurance types moving companies offers, and what would be a great recommendation.

Or how about writing a post about emptying the garbage cans before making a corporate move. Yes, I’ve been a recipient of my trash moved – YUCK!

Getting New Customers With Your Real Estate Blog Ideas

 Blog Ideas for Real Estate Websites

One of the critical reasons for blogging is also to acquire new customers. Remember in an earlier section where we discussed getting personal, let’s take a slight pivot on that to match who you are targeting for your clients.

Who Are Your Customers?

I know many Agents over the years, some great and others not so great. Just like any business some of the best that I know has specific targets. A good friend of mine would only target high wealth individuals specifically target lakefront homes. Another good friend of mine targets families with young children. Here’s what both of them did, they got real specific on the customer profile. Their expertise allows them to connect with their customers. Now that doesn’t mean every successful agent needs that type of specific target, but these are two examples.

As it relates to blogging, get to know your customer. Are you targeting a specific demographic or geography? It may not seem to matter, but for blogging it does. As you write, try to write with a slant toward your customers.

Tailor to that Market

Once you define your customer and/or market, tailor your content toward those types of customers. For example, if you are targeting a specific neighborhood, become the expert in that neighborhood. When you discuss your personal life write about the how it relates to the neighborhood. And it doesn’t matter if you live there or not. Here’s an important subject, customers want to relate to you. So relate to them in your posts and do it honestly. If you don’t know your market, spend the time to learn it. It matters.


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Retaining Existing Customers and Real Estate Blog Topics

Retain Customers and Blog Topics for Real Estate

Here’s an important subject, have you ever consider that your blog could be a customer retention solution? To be successful, you need to separate existing customers from new customers. It’s easy to do because you’re probably using a CRM solution, or you at least know the direct contacts of your existing customers.

Next, consider how to engage with your past customers who don’t need a home. They probably don’t need you to email them or post blogs about homes anymore. But what about other personal topics? How about community events or home offers. 

If they are new to the neighborhood or city, that’s a tremendous opportunity, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to bring in additional revenue. Let’s cover that right now.

Getting Know the Neighborhood

People move into new neighborhoods and cities all the time. Most agents miss a tremendous opportunity to use their blogging skills to retain customers and drive indirect revenue into their pocket? Let’s consider an important fact if you want to know what’s happening in a community, talk with an Agent. Why? It’s their job to network and understands the trends of a city.

  • Events – Keep a calendar on your blog. Make your blog to place to go to keep up with events.
  • Community Traditions – If your community as traditions like holiday parades or other things, blog about it.
  • Volunteer Organizations – Blog about what volunteer organizations are available.
  • School Events – Write posts about schools, everyone wants to know what’s going on schools

Now, let’s explore how to generate additional revenue with these posts.

Revenue Potential with All Customer Types

Real Estate Agent Blog Post Ideas

Now that we covered some great subjects for your topic on your real estate blog let’s cover how you can earn additional revenue from posting.

Just by connecting with your customers and retaining existing customers, you’re going to notice revenue potential. It’s nothing new, more clients more money potential. Easy, well easy to say, not necessarily do, but it’s directly related your business.


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Affiliates Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? It’s a referral program. Companies like Amazon and Target have affiliate programs. You get paid a commission on all sales for some time if you send someone through an affiliate link to Amazon. Imagine if you’re writing a blog on preparing a home for staging. You insert links to several products that are must use to prepare your home. Something as simple as window cleaner. Add an affiliate link, bam, you get paid.

To be successful, figure out what stores your customers would shop at and see if those stores have an affiliate program. You be surprised how many have affiliate programs exist with all types of companies. 

Corporate Sponsorship

This may be a surprise for you, but once you start gaining traffic, corporations will pay you for advertising. My recommendation, wait until you’ve developed your blogging skills, get traffic and customers, then approach corporations you want to be associated with for your real estate blog.

Here are a few ideas

  • Moving and Relocation Companies – Find the companies that meet with your customer’s needs.
  • Decorators – There are specific home decorators that may be super interested in getting in front of your customers.
  • Architects and Business Construction Companies – Talk with some of the architects and construction companies.
  • Financial Institutions – Its’ easy, find local companies that want to build a referral business.
  • Private Schools and Daycare Organizations – Families moving have more and more of a need quality care; this could be a goldmine.

Receiving a corporate sponsorship is a significant revenue addition, as it just supports your efforts and brings additional money into your business.

Referral Revenue

Now some agents already do something like this, but referral revenue happens when you send a customer to a specific company, and they pay you for just the referral, not the sale. It’s different than Affiliate Marketing. For example, say you have a loan specialist for a low rate with excellent credit. When you send a potential customer their way, they pay you a fee. But be careful as it can come across to the customer as shady. The best way to beat that perception, be open and honest with your customer. Tell them you get a referral fee. It’s that easy, and you may find that customers trust you even more. 

In Summary of Real Estate Blog Post Ideas

I know this is a lot of content for you consume, but taking advantage of a blog for your real estate focus can be incredible by allowing you to connect with your existing customers, potentially recruiting new customers, and to developing additional revenue streams by blogging well crafted and relevant content to your readers.

In a recession or downturn of a market, this could be your goldmine. 


Please leave a comment. We’d love to hear your opinions, thoughts, and questions. We reply.

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