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A person who is involved either as a publisher or a promoter to an affiliate program.

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Anchor Text

When you have words on a page that you can click on to launch to a new page. Many times the text shows up in blue text with an underline. Most web browsers will show you the actual link if you hover over the text.

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Alt Tags

Alt Tags stand for alternative tags. It’s an HTML tag the graphics use when showing text during a mouse over. It’s an important element to complete when you’re managing your graphics because search engines will look at both title and tag.

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Advertising Network

Advertising Network means a group of websites where a single entity owns the advertising. Think about it like Google Adsense or Bing Adcenter. But control the advertising for the websites that use their services. And even more, Google has a couple of ad networks with their advertising platform. 

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when you market another product or service from another site the partners with you. And when that person buys the product within a set time frame, you receive a commission or you get some amount of compensation from that partner site. 

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