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Comment Spam

Comment spam is exactly what you would expect. It’s when people are commenting on websites for the sole purpose of getting backlinks. Without moderation, bots can do it automatically leaving poor quality comments. 

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Super Affiliate

A super affiliate is an affiliate marketer who does a significant amount of revenue for an affiliate program. Some definitions say a super affiliate does the most revenue for one program. It’s up to you as the marketer to define the threshold for your super affiliate. 

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A person who is involved either as a publisher or a promoter to an affiliate program.

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An Offer is a product, service, or some other ask that you present to a potential customer. An offer could be an email capture, book, mastermind group, sign up to an affiliate site. It could be anything that you “offer” to the customer.

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A niche is a specific focus area or problem. Great niches are very detailed. For example, a niche could be surfers in San Francisco. Not surfers. Or 50-60 year old women who like cooking pasta in San Francisco on Fridays. As an affiliate marketer, finding a detailed niche could mean the difference between making a little money and a lot of money.

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