Have you ever calculated how much money you need to save to retire? And if you were to retire, what kind of life do you want to live?

Let’s explore how much money you need as well as an option that you may not even be considering, generating a side income that can help guarantee a better retirement – possibly more.

Here is an interesting statistic that 40% of Americans will have less than $10,000 at the retirement age of 65 years old (source: MarketWatch)

Are you worried? I know I was concerned about my retirement. I had a good job, I saved a little, but with three kids, college, and a few unexpected items – the future looked bleak. I did my retirement calculation; I started to worry.

Let’s consider this for a moment. What kind of retirement do you really want to have? Sure you can save money all day long, but then you’re not living the life you want to live, or you’re simply waiting until retire. Take a moment and use the retirement calculator? Try to figure out how you can retire with $1,000,000. 

Retirement Savings Calculator

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How did your calculations go with the retirement calculator? Could you save enough for $1,000,000? What if you wanted to have $5 million at retirement? How much would you need to save to earn $300,000 annually from your retirement?

Let’s consider a few things while you’re thinking about your retirement.

  • People are searching for ways to save to retire early, as a millionaire and to retire comfortably
  • Most people think about retiring by using a savings and investment strategy, not passive income
  • People are focused on savings and moving to a fixed income after retirement and estimating how long they can survive – horrible
  • Retirement accounts put too much risk on stocks and bonds
  • What happens if you got hurt or needed to use your savings for emergency needs?


What’s the Real Challenge with Saving for Retirement?

  • Maybe you’re too late to save enough money to retire comfortably at the age you desire
  • You want to live a great life right now and use the money you have to enjoy traveling and experiencing other fun adventures
  • You don’t earn enough money to create savings that would generate a retirement worth anything, no matter what age you seek to retire
  • Things keep getting more and more expensive
  • You’d like the flexibility to decide the type of retirement you desire

What’s Ideal for You?

  • Generating a side income or incomes that you could save for your retirement
  • Try this, take your age and add 10 years. Input zero for savings and put 1,000,000 in the amount to retire. Leave the investment rate to 5.5%. Hit Calculate!
  • How much did you need to save? $5,000 a month.
  • Now for most people, that’s a massive amount of money to only save

What would happen if you spend 12 months of your life building out an affiliate website and started earning that much? And you put that into a savings account while still having your regular income? 

Pretty exciting to consider? But here’s the significant part about this potential, that money may continue to grow and continue well past you’re retirement. 

I want to provide you with an option that millions of people are already doing, they are setting up websites and doing affiliate marketing for subjects they enjoy, making it almost not like a job and making it fun. 


Have you Ever Considered Affiliate Marketing as a Retirement Option? 

Affiliate Marketing means companies pay you a commission when people buy their products through a link that you provide. Big companies do this with Amazon, Target, and Wealthy Affiliate. 

There are four stages of making money online. 

Steps to Learn with Wealthy Affiliate


I know, it sounds simple. And it is simple. Sure it takes effort, takes work, and takes patience. But the formula works and continues to work for people all the time.

How do you find a niche?

Finding a niche is about finding a subject you enjoy. Ask this question of yourself, what do I like it? What do you read about that sparks your interest? What subjects specifically are you regularly doing that other people also do? Here are some ideas.

  • Hiking
  • Pets
  • Horseback riding
  • Traveling
  • Making bread
  • Art

Are you worried about the competition? There are a lot of websites and blogs that do similar things. Guess what, there are easy ways to attract visitors while skipping on the competition. It’s not difficult with the right training and keywords.

How to generate traffic, sell products, share ideas, and collaborate

One of the first things people need to do is build a website and go through a series of tutorials. Don’t worry; it’s not difficult at all. I’ve created a short video on how to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate with their Free Starter Account. You get two free websites and a series of tutorials that help you set it up and learn more about affiliate marketing.

One thing I love about it, it’s free and doesn’t require a credit card. That was important for me as I would rather learn more about a program and do a free tutorial. And the cool part, you can quit anytime without worry.

Watch me sign up to the free account.


I Want More When I Retire

Next steps

  1. Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate with the Free Starter Account
  2. Do the first week of tutorials
  3. Then decide if this is something you could commit to doing part-time to build the retirement of your dreams

Imagine for a moment, in 10 years you’re sitting at the place you want to retire without worrying about if the stock market is going to crash because you dedicated yourself toward building a reliable stream of income. And all it took was for you to write about the things you already love. 

But don’t take it from me, figure it out yourself if this is something you could imagine doing. And take one step with the Free Starter Account, you really don’t need a credit card or any financial information. And you set up a website in less than 10 minutes then step through a week of tutorials. No technical expertise needed.

I wish you a happy retirement doing the things you enjoy.



PS: Leave a comment if you have a question, I reply. And when you join Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll send you a quick message.