Maybe you’re trying to figure out a way to save money for a great vacation. Perhaps it’s for yourself or your family. Either way, it’s going to be exciting for you. The reason you’re searching online for answers, you are not sure what to do right now. And you have a huge desire to go on a vacation, but you don’t have the money. 

I’m here to give you two strategies for saving for that dream vacation. First is the more traditional while the second is a bit unconventional, yet super powerful approach.

Before we begin, what kind of vacation do you want? Are you interested in the most basic? Something with a cheap hotel, fast food restaurants, and some cheap drinks to tide you over? Sure, that could be super fun.

Or are you thinking, maybe I have to pay for Disneyland tickets or some big amusement parks? Have you ever considered, perhaps you want to take the entire family to a foreign land, travel first class, and stay in a luxury hotel? Or have an adventure trip with all the options.


Save for Vacation


I like the last option. Luxury!

How much do you think the basic trip would cost, say a week with air travel, hotels, eating out, and maybe a few adventures.

Estimated Costs:

  • Airfare round trip: $700
  • Hotel: $100 a night (not a great hotel, but maybe lucky) = 7*100 = $700
  • Eating out: $100 a day = 7 * 100 = $700
  • Ground Transportation: 7 * $50 = $350
  • Other stuff: 7 * $20 = $140
  • Total: $700 + $700 + $700 + $350 + $140 = $2,590

Wow! For one week, maybe you spend $2,590 for a basic trip. Multiply that by 4 family members, now you’re at: 4 * $2,590 = $10,360.

So let’s say you find deep discounts, you’re still around $1,000 for a week by yourself.

What about a luxury trip? Multiply that by 10. yep, by 10. That could be $25,000 for a family of four or $10,000 for yourself.
Ultimately, you need to decide your budget. But it’s fun to dream and more importantly, come to the reality of cost.

Let’s cover two ways to save for money for your vacation, traditional and unconventional.


Tips to Save for Vacation (Traditional)

Earn Money


First off, I recommend opening a separate saving account. Your bank should do it easy for you. I recommend this to people because, if you put money in your existing savings or your checking the money becomes tempting to use on other things.

The next part, calculate your “extras” (listed below) and make a transfer weekly before you reduce costs. That way you’re not dipping into your checking only after you had will power.

The “extras” and alternatives.

  • Drink coffee at home instead of buying coffee, yes that’s tough for some. That could save you an extra $20 per week.
  • Take your lunch instead of eating out every day. That could save you an extra $50 per week
  • Instead of going out on the weekend, have friends over and have everyone bring a drink to share. That could save you an extra $100 per week
  • Cancel a few of your internet subscriptions until you go on vacation. That could save you an additional $20 per week.

Just with these changes to start, you could start saving an extra $190 per week! Wow, that’s great. In about six weeks you could keep the additional $1,000 for your trip. Now, these are just a few tips. I’m sure with this guide you could be on your way! If you have a family, maybe it takes you six months to a year to save up. That’s some planning, but the vacation would be worth it.

Have you considered there could be a better way that’s fun, enjoyable, builds confidence, and prepares you for an adventure.


Tips on How to Save Money for a Vacation (Non-traditional)

Save for vacation


Now, are you ready for a non-traditional way to save? What if you started earning more money? Here’s the logic, you have already decided to make significant sacrifices for a vacation, why not take some extra time and learn to generate income online through a website that you can write blog posts, attract visitors, and make a commission from affiliate sales?

What? I know, that’s not what you’re expecting. It never is for people and some people it takes a bit to grasp the concept. I’m here to explain it a little, so hold on for a second.

To make money online, people do it all the time. It’s called Affiliate Marketing. Yep, I’m sure you’ve heard the term. Basically, companies like Amazon and others have what is called affiliate programs. It’s a program where visitors click through a link or image on your website with a unique identifier. Amazon notices your ID then gives you a commission for everything that person buys on their site. Awesome right!

With the concept, review the image below. It lays out the steps that you need to take to generate income online. I know it may seem complicated, but it’s not.

Steps to Learn with Wealthy Affiliate

Now imagine for a moment, that you start earning an extra $1,000 a month or more while still enjoying your current lifestyle. What happens if you start making a lot more than that? Could you even imagine the vacations you could enjoy? How about life?

Not sure of the exact steps? Here’s what I would recommend you do. First, Wealthy Affiliate has a free starter account that steps you through very simple lessons as well as two free websites. The lessons even show you how to setup your website in less than 10 minutes. Yes, there’s a premium upgrade option, but trust me. Only upgrade AFTER you step through the lessons.

Yes, it’s a great program. I use it and love it. But since the reason you were searching for saving money is for a vacation, this wasn’t what you’re expecting. I know it’s a bit overwhelming that’s why you should consider just stepping through the first few days.

Watch me sign up without using a credit card.

Ways to Save For Vacation

I listed two great ways to save for your vacation. The first, more traditional approach, leans to changing your life by restricting your spending. 

The second, allows you to create a different type of future that keeps paying you over and over — making your vacation plans go from penny-saving to luxury in short order.

Next steps

  1. Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate with the Free Starter Account
  2. Do the first week of tutorials
  3. I’ll reach out to you once you join so you can ask me questions

Imagine for a moment, that in a short time frame you’re not only having a great vacation, but it’s adventurous, luxurious and worry-free.  

But don’t take it from me, figure it out yourself if this is something you could imagine doing. And take one step with the Free Starter Account, you don’t need a credit card or any financial information. And you set up a website in less than 10 minutes then step through a week of tutorials. No technical expertise needed.

Now start planning your luxury, adventurous vacation!



PS: Leave a comment if you have a question, I reply. And when you join Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll send you a quick message.