Part of my success in business in the past and today was due to my teachers. My teachers always told me to follow my dreams and do the right thing. Now, as a successful businessman, I’m here to share with you. YOU deserve to have the additional money you need to not only live but to continue to teach our future generations while enjoying an income level most teachers can’t reach.

You’re here because you are seeking ways to generate extra income on the side. Let’s explore some options.

And you may not know this, but you have incredible talents, capabilities, and skills to be working during your breaks and spare time to generate money.

Challenges Teachers Face

Many of the teachers I know have money struggles because they are living on a limited budget and potentially need full or part-time jobs during the breaks. Many end up spending their extra money on supplies to help educate our future generations. It’s a shame that teachers aren’t paid more. Most teachers go into teaching not to be rich, but to teach.

Let’s look at a few facts

In 2016-17*:

  • The national average starting teacher salary was $38,617
  • The average salary for a teacher was $59,660
    • States have wide ranges from highs to $70k to lows in the $30k
  • 18% of teachers in the US worked second jobs outside of the school system
  • 45% of teachers who reported dissatisfaction said they would “leave teaching as soon as possible” if they could find a better-paying job
  • Raises are dependent on raising taxes, not just by merit
  • Teachers are 30% more likely than nonteachers to have a second job

* Souce:

Here’s my question to you as a teacher. Why don’t you use your skills as a teacher to turn your passion into income while continuing to teach? 

The Real Challenge?

  • Teaching is a great profession that doesn’t have a chance at making additional money through bonuses or stock unless you move up the education ladder for additional salary or go to a private school
  • You must take on an extra income source if you want to live a different income style

What Is Perfect Side Job?

If you consider some alternatives to generating money for a teacher, let’s first list a few objectives to evaluate good options.

  • Must not jeopardize my teaching job
  • Supports working off hours during breaks, weekends, evening, and around school events
  • Supports unlimited income potential
  • Generates passive income, meaning I can earn money when I’m not available
  • Something that I enjoy, not necessarily education but could be a hobby
  • An activity I can share with others without embarrassment or jeopardizing my teaching position – if I wanted to share

What is perfection?

Imagine if you had a side income source that you could tell your co-workers about and not be embarrassed. Imagine if you had additional money and income that you could take a vacation anywhere during summer without spending all of your money or being broke. And have extra money to buy a nice car, save for a home, or something else you may find exciting.

A Few Alternative Ways for Teachers to Earn Additional Money

Earn Money as a Teacher

Let’s list some options.

  1. Drive for Uber or Lyft
  2. Consult online
  3. Work on the weekends for any part-time position like pouring at a local winery or working at a gift shop
  4. Sell your knowledge online
  5. Do online tutoring
  6. Write a book and sell online
  7. Blogging about your passion and sale items with Affiliate Marketing

Other than #1 and #3, the other options will need a website and promotion. Let’s consider the objectives, which one of these fit your overall end goals? Forget about what you think is easy, think about what you want. I can help you learn to build a website, attract visitors, but first, you need to decide.

Teachers Have Unique Skills for Affiliate Marketing & Blogging

Why is building a simple website and selling your services or blogging about your passion great options for teachers? Teachers have the necessary skills to educate people. They know what people need to learn, and blogging is about honest storytelling and education. Consider this for a moment. Imagine writing a blog about helping parents teach their children math. During that blog, you link to a product on Amazon for helping parents and their kids. Did you know that you could get a commission from Amazon? It’s called Affiliate Marketing. More to come about that subject later, but this gets your imagination going. 

Teachers have a set of excellent skills. 

  • Teachers are well organized
  • They care about people
  • They can educate people
  • They can learn
  • They can take a chance on themselves
  • They deserve it

What do I need to learn to be successful at Affiliate Marketing?

Teachers need to learn the steps and techniques for making money online? Let’s break this down. Making money online has four stages.

Steps to Learn with Wealthy Affiliate

The four steps above are not difficult; it’s a process and effort. That’s it. Just like any subject, if you do the work, have a good teacher, and put the effort it, you significantly increase your chances of making money online. 

Let me step you through how to start your journey with a FREE starter account with Wealthy Affiliate

Step 1 – Create Your Free Starter Account

The program that I use is called Wealthy Affiliate. It takes care of the technical aspects of setting up websites and hosting and steps you through the lessons from zero knowledge to making money. You should plan at least six months to a year of dedicating. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a get rich quick scam, it’s the real deal and takes work. You can’t learn a subject in school in 30 minutes, why would you think you could get rich in 30 minutes by some internet scam. It takes work, effort, and education. Let’s start that.
Watch me step you through signing up with Wealthy Affiliate.


Step 2 – Do the training

As you can see from the above video, there are numerous training sessions that you receive with the free starter account. My recommendation, do the free training as it steps you through how to make money online and how to set up a website within Wealthy Affiliate.
Trust me, it’s well worth the effort and does not take too long – only a few days.
Below shows you all the types of training you receive one you convert to a premium account. But I would recommend waiting until you go through the starter account. I have too many people think this is a good idea but never get through the first training sessions for free – a waste of money. 

In Summary

Step 1: Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and Create a Free Starter Account with Wealthy Affiliate

Step 2: Walk through the first series of training steps and get your website started

Step 3: Believe in yourself, you deserve to be a financial future that you’ve dreamed while you continue to teach


Take a chance, just like you take a chance on the struggling student. But take that chance on you for once. Use your hard work and build something that allows you to work hard as a teacher without the struggles of money.


If you have questions, raise your hand, comment below. I answer. Or use the contact form and send me an email. I do respond. 


Education Yourself on Making Money on the Side with Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

No Credit Card Need – Just Your Helpful Teacher Attitude