Are you getting a bit frustrated with the current social media platforms? How about Facebook? Maybe you’re using LinkedIn for your professional contacts. Or with Facebook, you have some good friends, family, and acquaintances. But you’d like to separate those.

Or maybe you got a request from a friend to join Webtalk. And wondering is it a scam or legit. And most importantly, is it SAFE?

Let us give you a little information. And precisely, if it fits into your business needs, not only your personal needs.

Here’s what we’re going to inform you about in this post.

  • What is Webtalk
  • Why do you need it
  • How you can use it for business and how can you make money with Webtalk
  • Conclusions on Webtalk

What is the real problem with Social Media platforms like Facebook?

Let’s talk about what problem Webtalk is solving for people by starting with challenges with Facebook and other social media platforms. We think we can break the problem into three areas, types of contacts, control over your posts, and control over your newsfeed.

When you have different types of contacts, business and personal, at times, it’s great to separate those because what you post for friends is different than your business associates and vice versa. You may not want your family to read a post about how to increase online sales. And as you become better acquainted with your business associates those people may migrate into your personal life. And the same goes from personal to business. To accomplish these tasks now, you need to have multiple social media accounts. Another failure of Facebook and even LinkedIn is the ability to categorize the types of connections in your life,  both personal and professional contacts.

One of the more frustrating points of social media is the news that gets sent to your feed, and you have no control. We end up with news we don’t care about at all – its noise in our life we can’t control if we want to connect with our friends and family.

What is Webtalk?

Webtalk is a new social media platform that is gaining significant growth by providing the same capabilities as Facebook and LinkedIn. All the features above built into Webtalk, it’s interesting.

Think about this for a moment, imagine if you can link to people, categorize them, and control how you post across your entire social network, business and personal. Sound interesting?

Walktalk was started to transform social media and business relationships. It’s called SocialCRM. The CRM stands for customer relationship management, a term highly used within sales and marketing worlds. The key difference is the management of all your contacts similar to how sales/marketing teams manage business contacts. Take that control and capabililty to your friends and family, that’s transformational.

As of October 2018, Webtalk has over 1 million active users. That is fantastic growth.

The platform allows you to categorize your contacts into business and/or personal. You can have a person reside in both segments. The option below shows adding the CEO as a contact. Webtalk Add Options

The granularity for control comes with three options for personal, friend, family, and acquaintance. I’m not sure if you’ve ever wanted to post to just your family, but facebook fails to give you greater control.

Next is the business connections. The image below gives you even more options for the type of level you want to place your business connection.  Those are great options that typically only come with a well configured CRM solution.

Webtalk Add Options Biz

As you post, you have even more control. That’s important because you may want to post a picture of your dinner, but not share with your business connections. Or you may want to post about how to manage your companies financial growth without displaying to your family. The image below shows you how that control works.

Webtalk posting

The Newsfeed features allow you to filter out the type of news you want to read instead of all news that Webtalk wants you to read. That’s control. Under your posting, you can select newsfeed and choose your options – very powerful.

The next interesting feature, and especially great for those of us interested in making money online, is their referral fees. We’ll explain more in the next section.

The features they don’t have yet is their mobile application and messenger app like Facebook. But those will be there soon enough.

Shared Revenue Model – Great For Affiliates

Here’s a treat with Webtalk. They have a referral and commission plan for advancing your network and if your network upgrades – you get paid. Imagine if you got paid for all the friends you recommend to join Facebook or LinkedIn? Check out their banner below from their site SocialCPX. Now we have to be a little patient because they are in beta as of 2018. But they are tracking referrals that should convert to their CPX platform.

Webtalk Commission

What Are The Alternatives?

Of course, there are the current solutions, Facebook and LinkedIn. We have both, and we also use Twitter. But Twitter doesn’t quite fall into the same category. Because Webtalk has CRM features, you really need three alternatives.

  • Facebook for your friends and family
  • LinkedIn for your business connections
  • A CRM solution like Salesforce ( or SugarCRM to manage your sales prospects.

From being in business for quite some time, having all three in a single platform is fantastic. It gives me the control that we need in building out a network of both friends and family.

What Are The Risks?

It’s in beta. Beta platforms have bugs and vulnerabilities. But social media platforms to show up and grow fairly quickly. It’s a timing thing right now. Webtalk with grow to stable and trustworthy platform.

Why We’re Deciding To Go With Webtalk?

We’re diving full force into Webtalk. We like the features and capabilities that allow us to control our connections in a way that enables us to build a network for friends, co-workers, business acquaintances, and makes some money as our network grows.

We would love to connect with you on Webtalk. Leave us a comment if you have questions, but connect with our profile. Click here to connect with us.