Key questions:

  • Have you started a blog and no one is visiting your website?
  • Have you wondered, why can’t more people visit my website. I get 1 or 2 visitors, but how do I get 50,000 visitors a month?
  • Do you want to have the problem that you have so much web traffic you are making too much money? (Yes!)

Getting traffic to your website essentially defines if you’re going to become a millionaire. It’s not something that you should take lightly. But take it seriously, it pays off in the long run.

We’re going to cover a few topics in this post. It’s essential that we show critical steps toward increasing your traffic to your website or your specific blog posts.


Develop a focus that aligns with your website. For instance, if you have a website that targets archery, maybe you shouldn’t write about surfing big waves at Mavericks.

And when you write your post, keep it focused. For example, in this post I’m targeting how to increase website visitors, attracting more web traffic, not everything possible.

This should also align with our focus, becoming a millionaire. Now as a reader of a website with focus, you return because it helps you become a millionaire.

The search engines like focus and targets.

Quality Control

Write good quality content. When you write longer posts, search engines value your site more than other posts that only write 50o words. We like to target anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 words per post. We’re not perfect, but honestly, few people like reading posts that are 5,000 words. And there is not enough content on posts at 500 words.

Search engines like quality content with some depth, and that’s generally over 1,000 words per post.

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More comments will result in higher rankings. We know some people get traffic if they receive comments. Search engines change their algorithms. And I like it. I like that search engines like Google keep innovating to help people find good quality content. Write quality content, search engines will rank you higher.

If you’re going to approve comments, make sure they are quality. We delete low quality and spam content. Search engines review comments as well.

If you receive comments, be sure it’s a quality comment.

Tip: Try to reply to all or as many comments as possible.

Keep the Long View

You’ve heard that patience is a virtue. Getting to 50,000 visitors a month does NOT happen overnight unless you spend a lot of money. And maybe that’s the right answer, but we find that spending the time to develop good quality content, comments, and social engagement, ultimate drive higher and stronger long-term revenue.

Social Engagement

Yes, social engagement is essential. And for traffic, it carries weight in your search engine. Here are the tips.

  • Create at least 3-4+ social engagement sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc
  • Share your post/content on a regular interval
  • Ask the readers to share – that’s the ticket if your followers share your post

There are specific action items you need to complete to help with increase web traffic.

  1. Make sure to enable all your posts with social sharing capabilities
  2. Ask people to share your content
  3. Share your content with your social followers

Internal Linking to Your Other Posts

Search engines like to see you link your content to other pages in your content. For example, we link to other posts that are relevant. Also, if we write a new post that is relevant to other posts, we update older post/pages.

Keyword Targeting

Ok, write posts that target keywords. And DO NOT overload your posts with keywords. Search engines do not like that at all. For example, if we put “Increase Website Visitors – Attract More Web Traffic” 500 times within the content, any search engine algorithm penalizes your site. It was different a long-time ago, but that changed. Again, quality, patience, and engagement.

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More and More Content

We’re going to keep this simple. Write content regularly. If you write one post a month, that’s not good enough. Honestly, give up and find a different way to make money. If you write 3 times per week, that’s good enough. You must be committed. Trust us. If you want to become a millionaire, do the work.

Set aside the time to dedicate yourself to becoming a millionaire.

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Spending on Advertising

And one of the last ways to attract more web traffic is to spend money. Yes, it seems obvious, and it is obvious. You can spend your way to 50,000+ visitors a month. And if you have a conversion process, it’s probably worth it. We’ve done traditional businesses in the past and website traffic is no different than any other business. McDonald’s, Budweiser, Disneyland, and your local restaurant spend money on advertising to generate a return on investment.

If you spend money on traffic to attract customers on your site, you need to consider how you convert that to make more money.

Here’s a financial model that you can put in excel.

  • Desired Traffic (Clicks on your advertising)
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • Cost = CPC * Desired Clicks
  • Lead Convert %
  • Total Leads = Traffic * %Lead Covert
  • Purchase Conversion %
  • Total Customers = Purchase Conversion % * Total Leads
  • Price of Purchase
  • Cost of Purchase
  • Total Profit = (Price of purchase / Cost of Purchase) * Total Customers

A good rule so thumb:

  • Lead conversion is about 5%
  • Purchase conversion is about 3%

Our recommendations, do the financial model. If you want to pay for 50,000+ visitors, do the math. Otherwise, you’ll lose way too much money.

Your Goals

Set your goals. Here are some guidelines to consider.

Rarely does a single player win a team sport like football, soccer, or baseball. Sure it happens with a superstar. But more often a team wins or a business with great people succeed. The way you can win by building out your website is through a community with similar goals. We like affiliate communities. One of our favorites is Wealth Affiliate.

Click here read a review of Wealthy Affiliate.

With the right community, you can start all the items above with a group to help drive traffic. Trust us; it’s worth it.


Let’s summarize. To increase website visitors – attract more web traffic you need to consider the following items:

  • Focus
  • Quality Control
  • Commenting
  • Social Engagement
  • Internal Linking to Your Other Posts
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Keep the Long View
  • More and More Content
  • Spending on Advertising

Please comment and let us know what are your techniques to increases traffic to your website. And what are your goals to generate traffic? Please share on social media if you find this article worthy of your followers.