How many times have you wondered why you aren’t already a millionaire? Or why only a few people have successfully achieved another level of wealth. Specifically, I am speaking about self-made millionaires who started with an idea and made something special. We are here to tell you it’s not about your situation, your current income, who you know, or even your level of intelligence. It all comes down to your mindset. 100%. But we are not just saying it’s your want, but it’s a process for how you overcome failure and obstacles.

In this article:

  • Describe the difference between the mindset of a millionaire and the regular person
  • Show you a simple method to process failures and challenges differently

Business opportunities are like buses, there is always another one coming. – Richard Branson

We challenge you, to give yourself a hand by allowing yourself to think differently.

The Regular Person

When you see the image above, what you do see?

  • A wall
  • A blockade
  • Something stopping you
  • Someone stopping you
  • Solid brick
  • Maybe something else?

Just like that wall above, you get to decide how to process the wall. We know you must be thinking this post is silly, but it could be the most important ingredient in your decision to become something different than you are right now. Most people, for whatever their reason, look at big goals and their achievements in life as a series of obstacles to overcome. They take a moment to think they desire a “want”, but doing the work seems like an impossible feat. And they build up amazing excuses. If anything, regular people’s desire is all they care about, but they aren’t committed enough even though they are committed enough. But they are wrong. Everyone is great and has some opportunity to be great in their world. It’s exciting to see people overcome their issues in life.

The Achieve Mindset

The mindset of someone that achieves success, and big success, like making a million dollars decides those bricks from the picture above would make a great door for their million dollar view of the ocean. Walls, obstacles, blockades, or whatever they consider aren’t situations that stop their achievement. In fact, there are no obstacles, ever. Sure there are situations in life the slow up progress. But it doesn’t stop them. The millionaire mindset keeps moving always. They choose momentum.



Be Fearless

Here is a great YouTube video that gives you an idea of a millionaire mindset.

How do I achieve the millionaire mindset?

Now you’re asking yourself, how can I achieve the millionaire mindset? Let’s start with a simple technique. Sure there are others, but we found how you ask yourself questions to be mind-blowingly powerful. Asking questions. When you learn to ask the right questions of yourself, you start down the path toward achievement. I’m going to give you a couple of situations.

Alarm Clock goes off an hour earlier

  • Regular Person: How can I sleep in more?
  • Millionaire Mindset: How fast can I get up to start on my dream?

I wrote a blog post that got deleted

  • Regular Person: How can I find a different way of making money?
  • Millionaire Mindset: How can I re-write it even better?

Negative comments start to show up

  • Regular Person: Should I give up?
  • Millionaire Mindset: What can I learn from their comments? If nothing, let’s keep going. At least they are commenting.

Focus on the outcome

When you begin asking yourself questions focusing on the outcomes you want, you shift your view from the wall blocking you to the door with the view. Ask the question that helps you direct the answer toward moving you closer to your goals.

Why does asking yourself questions work?

Your brain is trained to answer questions, no matter what the question. If you ask questions where the answer has to find faults or blocks, you will answer. If you ask questions where the answer has to be positive and directly aligned to achievement, you will answer those questions as well.

What Else Can You Do?

You can commit to your future.

Take the Prosperity Quiz. Maybe You Aren't Ready To Be a Millionaire.

It’s a quick quiz to help you determine if you’re ready to open the door to prosperity.


Achievement starts in the mind. You get to choose how you think. Asking questions is the simplest method we have found to overcome obstacles because asking questions that view obstacles as building blocks toward you future only fuels your achievements.

Leave a comment with other ideas, we reply. Or if you have more questions, please ask!