When I started blogging, my biggest fear was my embarrassment and what happens if people read it. It was the fear that my words impacted people. It was the fear that putting myself out there may get people to criticize me. Maybe I wasn’t the right person, or people should go to a better blog. Finally, perhaps I am not smart enough.

THEN – BAM. It hit me like a brick thrown by my hand.


If I was going to do this blog, I need to accept that fear is an absolutely acceptable emotion. And when I feel fear, it means I’m going in the right direction. If I’m not experiencing fear, then I have to question if I’m going in the right direction.

But you are unique. You have your fears. And I’m excited to give you steps so you can overcome your fears. Here’s what we’re going to cover in this post.

  • What are some common fears of blogging
  • How you can take baby steps to overcome fears and specifically the fear of blogging
  • Fears that you should expect to experience after you get started
  • How you can reach new peaks by using some techniques to overcome fears

Fears of Blogging – Why aren’t you writing?


common fears of blogging

What are your fears? Here is an exercise. First, take out a piece of paper. And write out what you are really, truly afraid of if you were successful with your online business. Not what you’re afraid of today, but more importantly, you need to use future fears.

Imagine this, you start your blog, write posts, and eventually, you get 1,000,000 people a month reading it. You’re making over $1 million a year. Yes, you can buy everything you want. But imagine the responsibility, you now have a responsibility.

Are you scared? Your hands, your ability to write your blog posts is your biggest fear. Once you’re successful, you need to own the responsibility of communication. Are you ready?

Most people want the success, but not the responsibility.

Instead of you thinking of a blog, imagine climbing a huge mountain. Skills can be learned, but you have to take baby steps. But it’s all in your mind. Instead of strapping on boots on day one, keep your mindset focus on one step at a time. And you’ll be prepared for the responsibility, and you won’t fear it.

Let’s take the first baby step together.


Your First Step to Overcoming Your Fear


Take your first step


One of the first steps you need to do is write a blog. But I’m not trying to share with you how to write a blog, this is an overcoming fear discussion. But let’s put yourself out there. Let’s take a baby step together.

Here’s the exercise. Yes, it’s going to be difficult for some people. For the next week, introduce yourself to a new person every day. I would recommend, introducing you to someone at a store, maybe the cashier. And remember their name. Once you are back to the next day, say “Hi” and call them by their name.

Why is this exercise important? It’s training you to put yourself out there and taking responsibility.

Overcoming fear is about pushing yourself just a little bit every day and building the habit of pushing yourself.  To climb a mountain, you need to take one step at a time. The same goes for building a blog that makes money.

Train Yourself to Prepare For Responsibility


Blogging for Success


Did you do the exercise? What are the names of the people you met?

As you start to build content, you need to be prepared for challenges and fears of blogging. For example, one of the first blogs I built years ago, I had one person write a comment that criticized what I was writing. I was torn apart at the time. I was afraid. I started questioning whether or not my words impacted people.

To overcome that fear, you need to practice and put yourself in situations that invoke criticism. Wow, are you ready for it? That doesn’t mean you start acting different, it means putting yourself out there even more.

Keep introducing yourself, but this time, start to compliment someone. Not a superficial comment, like a nice shirt. But a compliment that states something amazing. For example, if someone smiles at you, say something like “I appreciate your smile, you must be a great person to have such positive energy.”

Why do this? It overcomes fear with positivity. When you’re brave enough to have a strong, honest compliment toward a stranger it build you up so when criticism comes your way, it’s easy to be positive and find value in a comment.

To use the climbing analogy, you have to go to the gym and practice before the complex climbs. You need to fall and find positivity that you fell and learned.


Fears Are Easier to Overcome With Support

Having encouragement, working with people who are going through the same concerns as you is one of the ways you can overcome your fears. Helping others, building relationships with other people who are blogging helps. Sure, you can ask your broke friend who doesn’t know anything about blogging. Or you can talk candidly with other bloggers. People share, they help, and so can you.

Here’s your exercise. Join a community of bloggers. And ask and answer questions. If you want my help, join me on my community. I’ll help. Or find someone else that you connect with and ask for feedback and help.

Just like climbing, this is the time to ask someone to hold the rope for you so you can reach new heights together.


Join Our Community

Wealthy Affiliate is a huge community of bloggers with the same fears and needs as you. It has over 1.4 million active users. Many who desire the same outcomes and fears as you.

Facing Your Fears Head On

Preparation is the key to overcoming your next step of fear. As you begin to build content, introduce yourself to new people, and remember their names, you are building up your habits. At this point, you’re ready to achieve the next level of success, by accepting and understanding what responsibility means for a blogger.

Bloggers have a responsibility to respond to the readers and provide real information to their readers. To overcome the fear of responsibility means you need to be, well, responsible.

Here’s your next exercise. Within Wealthy Affiliate try answering a question every day for new users. Even if you do not know the answer, show support. Next, try commenting on other community member’s blog posts.

Why? Because it builds up tolerance to helping others by allowing you to reach out and help people. As a big-time blogger with many followers, you need to be responsible to your mission and vision.

Think of climbing, the next level of climbing is what is called lead climber. A lead climber is responsible for setting ropes for the other climbers. If they don’t do it right, people get hurt.

Doing these steps helps you prepare for the top.

Overcoming Fears & Reaching Success Means Reaching the Top


Become a successful blogger


Take a moment and consider success. How would it feel to have a blog so successful readers are commenting, you getting ranked high, and making significant income? Reaching the top is all of our goals. But the fears each of us hold onto block us from what we can achieve. Whether or not you know it or not, unconscious fears stop so many great people from reaching a place they desire to reach.

Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it’s so worth it once you reach the top, the view is amazing. Your next step in a successful journey is to do the exercises list above. Next, we need to be open to accept fear. Take the fear of success, and make it part of your journey to the top.

Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you, why do you want to build a business plan for your blog? Why do you think it’s important? Share with others! And ask questions, we reply.