Do you need money immediately? Or do you want freedom through having enough money to make different decisions? If you are motivated as much as we are, then keep reading.

You’re going to learn a process of becoming a millionaire fast. But first, let’s define fast? As much as we would like to tell you building an online business can happen overnight, it can be much faster than other types of businesses and much faster than you could imagine.

Here are a few typical ways to becoming a millionaire:

  • Get a high paying job
  • Invest in other companies
  • Build a business by raising money from investors, growing, and selling that company
  • Building an online business

Here are some considerations for the first three. You can get a job, but there are very few jobs that pay you a million dollars. Most of those jobs include a particular skillset like a business executive, lawyer, arts/entertainment including professional sports, doctors, and others. Next, you can invest in companies either private or the stock market.  Good investments strategies are smart and should be considered, but the payout may take decades. Next, you can create a startup, give up parts of your company for investors, and grow using other people’s money. Many people have been successful, but way more have lost everything.

All great ideas that you can become rich. But all these avenues carry a level of risk, a high level of stress, and dedication (a lot of dedicating). We’ve done all of them. For us, building an online business is fun, really fun. And it’s lucrative.

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Fast is a relative term here, and you need to give yourself a few years if you do it right. We’re excited to share with you a path to becoming a millionaire fast.

Building an online business

Start With an Idea – Find Your Niche

So you’ve probably read getting started. But one of the most important steps is to investigate and research a niche. A niche is a specific focus. One of the most important parts of starting a million dollar business, staying focused on a subject.

We haven’t just seen online people fail because they attempt to do too much, but plenty of startups and other businesses try to do everything instead of doing a few well.

Key tip, focus on a niche you enjoy.

Build content, sell other people’s  ideas

To be successful initially, focus on writing as much content as possible. And sell other peoples products. Once the traffic starts to flow into your site through searches, you can learn how to accelerate revenue at that point. Let’s consider this for a bit. You write a few blogs that drive traffic. If you make a focus on writing and selling other people’s products, you can focus all of your initial attention on creating a following.

To become a millionaire means you need to be efficient with your time. If you spend all your time building a product without traffic, you aren’t making a name for yourself. Our recommendation, make money off other people’s products through affiliate sells, then reinvest that money on creating something to accelerate revenue.

Grow Your Traffic – Make It a Priority

You can build the most beautiful product ever and never make money.

97 Percent of All Patents Never Make Any Money. Ninety-seven percent of all patents never make any money.


That’s right, 97%. Companies that make money find customers. Within the online world, driving traffic to your site makes money. Even if you don’t make money initially, you have the option to convert traffic to revenue. Without traffic, you do not have the opportunity to make money.

What we recommend, write content. You should plan to write at least three blog posts a week. After about three months you’ll start to see traffic, and it grows from there.

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Capture Emails From Your Followers

Once real traffic begins to flow into your website, it’s time for capturing emails. We like to suggest developing content at this point that’s free to give away. Something of real value to your visitors. There are two values for capturing emails from visitors.

  • It allows you to build a value-based relationship with them through direct email communication
  • Once you develop a product, those followers and trusted connections are your pipelines to real revenue

The key to fast growth is the relationships. Please buy from people they believe. Not just a superficial trust because you wrote a long sales cover letter, but from delivering so much real value that when you ask them to buy, they trust you. Why, because you created something of real value, worth the time and your customer’s money.

The point is important. We want to repeat it. If you aren’t honest and do not develop real, legitimate content that your customers find helpful, like this one, you should not sell something to them. When a customer trusts you, you’ll have a long-lasting business.

Build Relationships with Your Followers

So how do you build a relationship? First, keep writing honest and valuable content. Take a 7-10 email chain of value. What we mean by that, develop at least 5-7 emails that genuinely build value. Then, on the 8-10 email, you can begin promoting your product or service. The readers at the long-tail read your previous emails and trust you. But be sure to recommend them something worth their time/money.

If you build trust again, those valuable customers have a higher chance of purchasing large ticket items that potentially skyrocket you to millions.

Take the long, high road. We mean, do the work to build the relationship, and you’re customers promote you and drive additional traffic. Consider this idea that if you create a relationship through honest and value if 1 out of 100 people recommends you to an additional ten people. That’s a 10% increase by just being honest. But if you are dishonest and 10 out of 100 people tell 10 of their friends, then your chances decrease significantly in the long-run.

Now it’s time to build a product or service.

Build Yourself a Product

Imagine these numbers. You’ve spent the time and energy to get 10,000 visitors a month to your site. You’ve managed to capture a list of followers around 10,000 on your email list. You spend another couple of months building a product yourself.

The product costs $500 to the customers because you spend the time to create quality and build a trusted relationship. Now it’s time to promote the product.

Promote Your Product

Do the math here for fun, what if 10% of your followers purchase the product for the first month.

10% * 10,000 * 500 = $500,000. Wow! 

We hope you start to realize the process of becoming a millionaire fast. It’s the build-up. It’s what you focus on the right time. Some people build products, others sell other people’s products, and others create customers to sell a product. We are in a business, and great business people like yourself and us focus on the relationship.

Then, once you create that relationship, the money comes because you are valued.

Key Success Criteria

The key to success is patience and dedication. When you searched for fast, unless you just wanted winning lottery numbers, hopefully, you learned a few things that will help you achieve your success as quickly as possible. You need to dedicate yourself and think like a millionaire. Out of all the businesses we’ve been a part of over the years, building an online business is the fastest way to becoming a millionaire for the level of effort and time commitment.

We also found it super fun to help others like you release your dreams. Vacationing when you want, driving the cars you dream up, giving to charities you believe, and the freedom. Oh yes, the freedom to dream.


To summarize how to become a millionaire fast. Here are the steps we recommend you follow.

  • Start With an Idea – Find Your Niche
  • Build content, sell other people’s  ideas
  • Grow Your Traffic – Make It a Priority
  • Capture Emails From Your Followers
  • Build Relationships with Your Followers
  • Build Yourself a Product
  • Promote Your Product

Please comment, we’d love to know some of the reasons you’d like to become a millionaire. And please share with your friends if you found this article value.