We all have some desire within us to make money while hanging out at home. It’s possible. Absolutely, it is possible and happens every day for someone sitting at their desk or coach working away making money hanging at home.

Does it come free? No.

We need a reality check that to make money at home; it takes work and a thoughtful process. But it can be enjoyable, fun, and energizing to think that you can spend time at home or where ever you desire to live, travel, or play then become that millionaire you see on TV, read about online, or dream about in your mind.

So, how does someone do it? Let’s keep it simple for now.

Set the Right Mindset

Here the quick summary:

  • Focus on the outcome that you desire
  • Accept that your outcome takes time and your energy
  • Accept that you will need to do the activities to reach your goal
  • Accept you may need help, mentoring, or even have to spend a little money to make a million dollars
  • Accept that you have all the confidence, drive and that you are good enough to become a millionaire at home
  • Accept that it can be fun

Maybe you’re reading the bullet points above and saying; it’s a no-brainer. I can do those, super easy. After years of watching people fizzle out, there is a different mindset that becoming a millionaire has over someone whose sole desire is to make a couple of extra dollars a month.

For you to generate the type of income online, there is a single attribute that millionaires have over others. That single attribute is grit, perseverance, tenacity, or any other attribute name to define that single most important mindset – attitude.

I know people who make millions and even more people of others who do not. When the work gets hard, when results are not coming in as fast as you desire, or when a roadblock so big sits in front of you – in those situations millionaires do not stop moving. Everyone else stops.

“Today the greatest single source of wealth is between your ears.” —Brian Tracy


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Dedicate the Time

Do yourself a favor and become a millionaire. It’s fantastic, and you find that time is irrelevant once you’ve reached a certain level.

Now time is something that many of us do not believe we have, but in fact, most of us have time. We need to sacrifice watching too much TV, going out as much, or maybe we even sacrifice an hour of sleep.

If you were to sleep one less hour 6 days a week, that’s 6 hours. Sleep in one of the days, trust me on that but wake up early on the others. Now add one less hour of TV a night, that’s another 6 hours – again give yourself a day off. Ok, so that’s 12 hours a week. For fun, imagine that you can get another 8 hours somewhere else in your life. That’s a total of 20 hours a week to spend time on building a business that generates extra income. Of course, this assumes you have a full-time job.

You must do the activities to reach your outcomes. Those activities take time. You must spend the time.

I’m not sure what else to tell you but find the time and spend the time. 

Find Your Niche

You may have read the quote that “Riches are in the Niches.” It’s true. But how do you find a niche?How to Think Like a Millionaire

Isn’t that what we all want, to find that million dollar niche. There is a couple of simple techniques I’ve learned over the years. One of the first, discover that you like. Yep, that’s right. And do not think about how to make money initially. Then you find your niche after you find out what you enjoy.

Why? Well, if you’re not interested, you won’t spend the time and energy working on the online business. You will get bored. Remember when I told you there’s a difference between a millionaire mindset and others. It’s because they are passionate about what they do. Then the how happens.

Step 1: Create a list of things you like to do. Mark your top 5. Then circle your top 3. I’ll do another blog post about that exercise later. But for now, this should work just fine.

Step 2: Identify the niche for your top three. Then do your research.


Go here to learn to find your Niche for profitable ideas.


It sounds simple, but that’s the difference between a millionaire. It is simple. Just do the work, and the niche will appear.

Find the Right Program

Unless you have a product to sell, one of the best ways to make money is finding affiliate marketing programs to sell into the niche. Once you start generating income and traffic, you can then work on creating a specific product to sell directly into that customer base.

Again, it sounds simple, and it is. It just takes some patience and work ethic. Do you have that?

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First, do you know what an affiliate program is? Let’s start there. An affiliate program is a product or service a company owns and gives a commission when you sell that product or service. Salespeople do it all the time. In fact, your local car dealership is like an affiliate program for the manufacturer. The dealership buys or sells the car directly than are paid a commission from the manufacturer.

For example, if you were to subscribe to one of my favorite programs with Wealthy Affiliate, then I may receive a commission. But there are other ways of generating income with affiliates. When you spend time and energy on marketing a niche, you enjoy, and there are products that you could promote, review, or sell directly then that generates income through commissions.



Again sounds simple. So far so good. And when you research what makes a good affiliate program to sell, your traffic becomes more and more profitable.

Drive Traffic

Web traffic is the key. As more traffic arrives at your website, it compounds income. But here lies the trick.

How do you drive traffic to your website? You may be looking for a simple way, but again. Think the millionaire mindset. It takes time, energy, and patience. But it does happen. And in the overall time, it’s easier than other ways of making money.

Driving traffic can be done a few ways. Let’s break it down into three simple ways.

  • Blogging or Content creation
  • Paid Advertising
  • Social Media

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But generating traffic from bootstrapping takes a little of research into your niche. Instead of finding the most significant traffic keywords, find small, non-competitive keywords people use to search. There are billions of web searches each day. People are searching for all types of sentences or keywords. When you learn techniques to generate traffic if you start small the compounding effect alone will generate non-competitive traffic. Search engines will love you as will your bank account.


The keys to becoming a millionaire online are yours. You have all the capabilities to do the work. It’s whether or not you have the drive. To summarize:

  • Develop the millionaire mindset – find your grit and motivation
  • Find and dedicate the time
  • Find the Niche that you enjoy
  • Research Affiliate programs to sell
  • Generate traffic

You have all the right skills. You can become a millionaire.

Please comment below with your ideas to become a millionaire while sitting at home. And ask questions, we reply.