Have you ever wondered, what do serious bloggers do and why are their blogs more successful than others? Maybe even yours. Great blogging habits and success habits in general set people apart from the rest of us. We’re doing things on a daily basis that helps us achieve a level of success most bloggers dream. And it’s not as hard as you may think.

Attitude and Blogging Habits

Here’s the situation, you may be struggling to keep working on your blog in a manner that makes you have a level of success that you dream. Maybe you have dreams of gaining thousands and thousands of followers, hundreds of comments, and perhaps even a post or two that goes viral. You want to make an impact. And your impact should increase your income. But, you aren’t quite spending the time you need, maybe you’re like many of us, and you’re procrastinating.

But do you know what you should be doing? For example, if you’re trying to gain muscle, are you doing the extra rep? I know that’s an odd analogy, but have you ever wondered, why isn’t your blog doing better? Are you doing an extra rep? Here’s a great article on affiliate marketers failures. And some of the reasons why failure happens. My recommendation, give this a read when you have a chance.

18 Reasons: Why Do Affiliate Marketers Fail?

Do You Ask Yourself the Right Questions?

Next, maybe you’re attitude isn’t quite right. And you’re focusing on all the reasons why you are not succeeding. Here’s a crazy feature of your brain, it has to answer the questions you ask. So, if you’re asking questions that have negative answers, that’s what you focus on responding. Here’s an example:

  1. Why can’t I write more blogs? 
  2. Why am I procrastinating?
  3. Why can’t I become successful?

Think about that for example. You can answer all of those questions. And all of those answers give you a reason to stop blogging. It’s where you focus. Before I get into the habits, read the post, about how to think like a millionaire. The post attempts to give you an idea for why millionaires think differently.

How to Think Like a Millionaire

Now consider the questions a successful blogger asks.

  1. How can I write more blogs? 
  2. How can I work harder today?
  3. What am I grateful for today?

These questions give you a significant better focus for success because serious bloggers ask better questions.

Are You Treating Your Blog Like a Business?

Affiliate Marketing Website Business Plan

Are You Scared of Success?

Maybe you didn’t know this, but have you ever considered you might be fearful of success? Imagine the responsibility of having thousands of visitors per month? The influence and responsibility. Wow!

Now if you’re not scared of success, this isn’t a good post for you to read. Just skip to habits. But I thought it necessary to share this post with you.

How to Overcome My Fear of Blogging

Next, let’s talk through the actual tactical habits.

Habits of Successful and Serious Bloggers

We’re going to break this into two segments, tactical habits of a successful blogger and tactical habits of successful people. Our challenge to you read through these habits and determine which ones you consider critical to adopt. Adapting all of these habits may be necessary if you’re serious.

Nine Tactical Habits of a Successful Blogger


Successful bloggers have several habits they do on a regular basis. And if you think they don’t make these habits, you need to take a hard look at yourself. Maybe it’s some of the reasons your blog isn’t as successful as you envision. Let’s begin with research.

Writes with Purpose and Custom Problem Alignment

Successful Bloggers write posts that help solve or align with customer’s interest. Bloggers research the customer’s problem. If you’re attempting to explain how to set up a successful new years party, your post should solve those problems. Success means you write with purpose.

Keyword Research

If you have a purpose, successful bloggers do their keyword research. They use tools like Jaaxy and Google Keyword Planner. Here are a few things they do with keywords.

  • Find long-tail keywords
  • When you use Jaaxy, make sure to find keywords that have more than 50 searches per month and less than 50 competition – Jaaxy makes it easy
  • Find 3-5 keywords per post
  • Does not overuse keywords within the post
  • Makes sure the keywords align with the content

Review and Check Grammar

Successful bloggers review their posts. They make sure they review their post for grammar and spelling errors. Successful bloggers write posts, review posts and edit those posts often. Sure mistakes are made, but are they one mistake or a thousand mistakes?



Submitting for Comments and Replying

Posts need comments to be legitimized. When people arrive at your website and read your post are there comments? Until you have a regular set of followers, make sure to find a community like Wealthy Affiliate to comment exchange. Read one of our reviews on Wealthy Affiliate.

Is It Possible to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate? The Ugly Truth

The other habit is that successful blogger reply to comments from readers.

Sharing on Social Media

Share, share, share. No matter if you have followers or not you need to share each post regularly on your social feed. Successful bloggers make a rotation of sharing new and old posts. Don’t forget once you write a post share it on a rotation. Old posts get overlooked often, but go ahead and share those again.

Consistently Writing

Be consistent. Successful bloggers write a few times per week if not more. Make sure to set your schedule, write, write and write.

Being Too Direct on the Sale

Are you too direct? Buy now, buy NOW, BUY NOW… Is that your message?

Great bloggers inform first, connect with their readers, and build report. Relentlessly. If you read fantastic blog posts, something is connecting  you to the words and the call to action.

Call to Action

Have you ever read a post that compels you to learn more through a link or to click on a purchase button? That’s intentional and purposeful, but it’s not forced. Great bloggers have a habit of considering the call to action within a post as part of the overall message. The pattern is to find this while writing your post, always.

Bloggers Start With a Community

When you’re starting out or even when you’re successful, successful bloggers have a habit of joining a community. Why a community? Communities like Wealthy Affiliate provide feedback, comment exchange, education, and so much more. When you’re successful or starting, having a habit of engaging with a group of already motivated and focused people enables you to connect to so many more potential customers.

Three Tactical Habits of a Success Person


The habits of a successful blogger specifically focus on writing, planning, and customer connection. But what are the habits of successful people in general? Let’s cover three everyday habits of the high achievers? You may be surprised.

Morning Habits For Success

What do you do when you wake up? Do you open your phone, check your email, or start working? Successful people don’t do that. Did you know that? Most high achievers have a morning ritual that gets their mind ready for the day. Here are some morning habits.

  • Waking up and focus on being grateful for the day
  • Focus on how to make the most of the day
  • Exercise, moving your body
  • Meditation, clearing your mind

All of this happens before opening email, phone, social media.  If you make a habit of preparing yourself for the day, when you open your phone and email for the day you have a much higher chance to reach your goals. A morning ritual keeps people disciplined.


Habits of Successful Bloggers



Relentless Discipline and Focus

Be relentless in your word to yourself. And more importantly, be realistic in your ability to stay focused and accomplish the tasks you set for yourself. For example, if you wake up and say, I’m going to write ten blog posts that day, is that realistic? Maybe. But if you say, I will write two blog posts – then DO IT. And make sure nothing gets in your way. High achievers make a goal and do what it takes to reach it.

Being disciplined means you commit yourself. Nobody else cares and nobody will know if you do not meet your commitment except yourself. But disciplined with you. Be proud of yourself.

Be sure you believe in what you commit to yourself. If you’re not good at it, make small steps. Here’s a challenge, make your bed every day. Crazy simple, but if you do it, doesn’t that feel great to make a small commitment.


You never stop. Let’s keep this simple, success means momentum. People who reach their focused destination keep moving, even if a wall gets in their way. It’s a habit where no matter the hurdle, we continually move toward our target. No matter the challenge, we keep going.

In SummaryHabits of Successful People


Wow, lots of information coming your way. Habits are an essential part of reaching your goals, either financial or influential. When you’re choosing to watch TV, spend hours on social media watching scrolling through nothing instead of working on your blog, you don’t have the habits of being a serious and successful blogger.


We’d love to hear from you. Please comment below with habits you think are essential to have as a successful blogger and a successful person.