How do I get started?

You just started. Congratulations. To get started means you need to do some research. Our recommendations, read this page first.

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Is becoming a millionaire online really possible?

Yes. Online businesses are still a business. There are public and private entrepreneurs making millions a year, if not more. But one crucial point, no matter if your business is online or not, it takes work and a mindset.

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How are you qualified to teach me?

Yes. And not only with online business, but others as well. We’ve shifted our focus toward helping others become millionaires online because it’s fun. Don’t believe us, your choice. It doesn’t matter to us because we are providing you with valuable information. What you do with it is always up to you. It’s that simple.

How long before I can make money?

Get comfortable. Most people give up because they expect money just to come rolling in on day one. Millionaires believe, and they keep working.  Here are some expectations. But everyone is different.

Don’t expect free traffic for at least three months. Expect some money in year one. Year two+ is when it compounds, and the ride gets better and better. There are so many factors that go into becoming a millionaire.

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What is the best niche I should start?

Here’s what we tell people. Do what you love! It sounds contrived, but it’s the truth. When you like the niche, you spend more and more time working it. It’s fun for you.

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Do I need a lot of money to begin?

Here’s the truth. Yes.

But it all depends on how fast you want to accelerate. Our recommendations, start cheap. Why, because you need to set up the right structure for your company, develop quality content, and get search engines to notice you. No matter what, it probably is going to cost you a couple of hundred dollars in the first year. Once you begin making money, we can teach you how to reinvest in your business to accelerate the dollars coming into you.

How do I actually make money?

Here’s a good read.

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It seems too easy, how much work is really involved?

Millionaires don’t sit on their hands waiting. They work. You could spend 5 hours a week, but for new people, we recommend finding 15-20 hours a week to start. You will pay more as the money starts coming into your account because you will be so excited.

I’m not sure how to start and find keywords?

Start researching peoples problems associated to your niche. Keywords come from why people are searching.

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I keep failing; it’s not possible to make money online. What am I doing wrong?

Without knowing what you are doing, we offer up a couple of reason why people “think” they are failing.

  • You do not have enough content. Just keep writing.
  • You are writing content to compete against blogs that have huge followings. People starting out fail because they don’t start on keywords they can win. Win in small searches and the rest takes care of itself.

Can you help me? Do you offer private coaching or mentoring?

Yes, we do, but only for specific people dedicated to the work of becoming a millionaire.  Contact us; we’ll interview you to check to see if you qualify.