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We’ve been in in the business world for over 25 years. Building businesses from startup, turn-around, and high-growth. You’re about to embark on a journey to transform your online business or your blog into a business.

Check out the video above; we spend time showing you why building a blogging business plan is one of the key success criteria for how to make money writing blogs.

In these 14 lessons, we’re going to cover.

  • Lesson 1 – Your Attitude and Commitment
  • Lesson 2 – Your Vision & Mission
  • Lesson 3 – Customer Problems
  • Lesson 4 – Product & Company Overview
  • Lesson 5 – Market Overview
  • Lesson 6 – Market Entry Strategy
  • Lesson 7 – Competition
  • Lesson 8 – Yourself & Your Team
  • Lesson 9 – Financial Projections
  • Lesson 10 – Investment Overview
  • Lesson 11 – Resources Beyond Capital
  • Lesson 12 – Exit Strategy
  • Lesson 13 – Summary
  • Lesson 14 – Revising & Updating

In the blog planner pages, we give you instructions and exercises that help you learn more about why and what you’re building. The plan is how to think about your blog as a business. We’re not going to cover how to build a website, how to do research or other specific online marketing items. Our website covers in other articles with our blog. If you want to learn everything you need to build a business from website creation to online content, click on the button below.

No Credit Card Needed

Key Items In This Lesson

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Treat Your Blog Like a Business

The studies in the video show that business has a much higher chance of success with a business plan.

Reasons for a Business Plan
  1. Sets your focus on growth, challenges, and opportunities
  2. Makes you think about your customer problems
  3. Asks questions of yourself that others won’t ask
  4. Forces you to go do the research that lazy bloggers and affiliate marketers DON’T DO.
  5. Sets your mindset that your hobby is a business
  6. Sets your priorities
  7. Forces to you plan your business
What You'll Need For These Lessons
  • Something to document your plan – any document platform
  • A spreadsheet like Google Sheets or Excel
  • A positive attitude
  • Millionaire mindset – I can – NOT – I won’t or I shouldn’t
Important - MUST READ

You MUST take your hobby and make it a real business if you want to make millions.

Start Your Education

Below you can expand the box and jump to any lesson. Are recommendation,  do the lessons one step at a time in sequence. And make sure you BELIEVE that you can be successful. And the hard work pays off, it really does.

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Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you, why do you want to build a business plan for your blog? Why do you think it’s important? Share with others! And ask questions, we reply.